PRAY FOR THE CHURCH BODY - Pray for each person who worships at Redeemer’s Fellowship, each person who has grown in their faith under Pastor Steve’s teaching, each person who has been blessed by God through Pastor Steve’s spiritual leadership, and each person who is not ready for Pastor Steve to leave. Pray that they will know in their heart that this is God’s church; and the work He has started here will continue under fresh leadership. Pray for each person to count their blessings and be open to what God has prepared for them.

PRAY FOR THE NEXT LEAD PASTOR - that God will drive him to his knees and to God’s Word as he seeks to serve in the Kingdom where God wants him to be. Pray for him to recognize that the vision and values of Redeemer’s Fellowship are the vision and values he has been looking for in a place to serve. Pray also that the new Lead Pastor and his family will have peace about this move and they will feel right at home when they arrive at Redeemer’s.

PRAY FOR REDEEMER’S STAFF - Abby, Adam, Ambrose, Barb, Brent, Candis, Charity, Don, Hugh, Judi, Kory, Linda, Mike, Molly, Ross, Ruth Bilder, Ruth Botens, Scott, Shelley, and Sherrie that they will continue to grow as wholehearted followers of Jesus as they support Steve and the people of Redeemer’s. Pray, too, that they will be open to the leadership of the new Lead Pastor, and that the new Lead Pastor will recognize the gifts and talents of these godly men and women.

PRAY FOR PASTOR STEVE - that he will finish well. Give thanks for all the great work that God has done through our Lead Pastor and pray that Steve will continue to be a blessing to the people of Redeemer’s Fellowship until and beyond the day he steps off our stage. Pray also that he will continue to serve God according to his gifts and calling in the next chapters of his life.

PRAY FOR THE ELDERS - Chuck Chappell, Jeremy Chappell, Dan Couch, Jim Crowe, Mark Dwight, John Gardin, Wally Gwaltney, Mark Hammer, Steve Hofford, Steve Jones, John Libby, David Lotspeich, Bruce Walker, and Steve Walker:

  • Pray for wisdom.

  • Pray they humble themselves before Jesus as they seek God’s will for Redeemer’s

  • Fellowship.

  • Pray that the Elders will rely on God, be submissive to His will, and unified in their dependence on Him.

  • Pray they will find the man God has chosen to be the next Lead Pastor and that they will recognize him as the right man when they see him.

James 1; Philippians 2:1-12; John 17:11; Colossians 3:16-17; Jude 24-25; Romans 12-2; Philippians 4:4-7; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18