Dedicating your child to God is a public sign that you are seeking to bring your child up in the ways of Christ, and as a community we stand with you in that passion.

We do not baptize our babies because they are not yet able to make a decision for Christ; therefore we have dedications as a way for parents to bring their child before God and the church body. We, as a body, make a commitment to encourage and stand together with the family. The goal is that one day the child will make a decision for Christ. Child dedication does not take the place of salvation.

It is God's desire that believing parents create homes where God is honored and glorified and where they model love and faith in Jesus Christ. The family is the key place where a child learns and develops their understanding of God and His love. They learn this through the teaching of their mom and dad. It is our desire that church would be a second family to our children's faith development. Church is a place where adults and kids gather to live out common faith and common values with a common dedication to the salvation of our children.

OUR VISION: As children belong to and are an integral part of our church body, we commit to coming alongside parents in the raising of them. Together, we encourage children to participate in what God is doing in their lives. We will teach them deep biblical truths and invite them to serve others as they develop the gifts God has given them. As one family, we hope to train, love and grow our children up in Christ—so that He may use them to change the world for His glory.

Our next Child Dedication is scheduled for October 27 & 28, 2018.

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